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NHS Health Check

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NHS Health Check

The NHS Health Check service offered by Abell Medical Supplies in Bushey is divided into two. The first part requires you to answer some simple questions before taking some direct health tests. Since the service is mainly offered to people aged 40-74, it enables Abell Medical Supplies to analyse the chances of you developing health conditions such as stroke, type2 diabetes, heart disease, or kidney disease. As we age, we are at a higher risk of developing any of these conditions. The second part entails undergoing a more detailed Private Health Check.


How long does the NHS test take?

The NHS Health Check usually takes less than 30 minutes. It’s performed by one of our pharmacists or expert staff. The questions mainly focus on your family history and the kind of medication you’ve been taking, if any. The other vital information that we will record includes your weight, height, sex, age, and ethnicity, alongside your blood pressure levels too. Our health practitioner will use not only a simple but also a quick finger-prick blood test to determine your cholesterol level. We will also calculate your BMI (body mass index) to determine whether you have a healthy weight in comparison to your height.


NHS health check Bushey

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Getting your health check results

Finally, one of our health experts will present your results. They will explain what they mean as far as your health is concerned. At Abell Chemist we provide not only advice but support too on maintaining good health and any lifestyle changes that you might need. This greatly helps when improving your overall health. We will then refer you to our Health Trainer or your GP whenever it’s necessary.

Feel free to contact Abell Medical Supplies to find out how to access our NHS Health Check in Bushey and learn more.


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